Osprey Village Soap Company

Toxin-free body and skincare products made with simple ingredients

Taren E
January, 2018

Sara C
January, 2018

"I just bought the face serum last week and I already love it so much!! I never had something give me such a noticeable difference so fast. My skin is glowing after less than a week! I didn’t wear foundation all last week because I just felt good without it! I can’t wait to try more products."

"Dealing with Osprey Village Soap Company has been a breeze, they answered any questions and were able to ship to Toronto easily! I ordered the body butter, eye serum, deodorant and a few chap sticks and the quality is outstanding. The body butter doesn't leave any oily residue just smooth skin, the serum reduced eye puffiness right away and my kids love their candy cane chap sticks!"

Gillian F
February, 2018

Cara A
February, 2018

Tabitha S
February, 2018

"I am a big fan of these products! I have used the deodorant, and love it! It holds up all day, and even after sweatin' it out in the gym! I have used other natural/organic deodorants before, but they were always so thick and left a white film on my clothes! (yuck!) But Not anymore! I have just picked up the eye serum today, and cannot wait to use it, and say goodbye to my raccoon eyes!"

"Huge fan! So far I have tried the face serum and coffee eye serum, and find both amazing. I noticed a difference in my skin and acne within a week. I rarely wear foundation to work Monday-Friday because I feel comfortable in my own skin! Which is a first for me. I’m excited to try more products!"


"10 stars! After hearing all the rave reviews about this skincare line, I had to try it for myself! I recently purchased three products from OVSC; the cocoa body butter, the coffee eye serum, and the face serum.

I cannot leave enough positive comments about each product, but the face serum has to be my absolute favourite! I constantly struggle with finding a daily moisturizer to suit my skin; my face is oily in some spots, lizard-like in others, and extremely sensitive to chemicals. Finding this serum has to be an Act of God! It not only smells like a dream, but it is light enough to wear under makeup, and moisturizing enough to help with dry areas! It’s absolutely perfect! I 100% recommend that every person add this serum to his/her daily skincare routine."

Alicia R
February, 2018

Meaghan R
February, 2018



"I was hesitant about the face serum as I have really oily skin and this stuff is amazing! I love it. And the coffee eye serum LOVE....anyone, especially mama's need to use this... I look refreshed for the first time in years."

"I have always had acne prone skin and wasn’t sure if an oil-based product would help. Boy was I wrong! I’ve been using the Face Serum for 3 weeks now and I love it! I had a couple of pesky blemishes pop up and the oil seemed to stop them before they got worse and helped them to go away on their own. My skin is smoother and softer and the serum is helping to reduce some of the scarring. I am excited to see how my skin will continue to benefit!"