Osprey Village Soap Company

Toxin-free body and skincare products made with simple ingredients


Our Story

Thanks for stopping by! We're a husband and wife team; Leah & Rob. In April of 2016, Leah suffered from two grand-mal seizures; the worst kind of seizures there are. After countless MRI & EEG scans, trips to specialists, one of the best neurologists in the country and a multitude of tests, nothing turned up. We feel compelled to share this as it caused us to take a step back and evaluate how we were treating our bodies. Leah checked all the boxes for a healthy person - she worked out, ate well, and got enough sleep. We then decided to completely detox our bodies; together we switched to an organic, plant-based diet.
Something else that really resonated with us was the shocking amount of chemicals we put on our bodies. We absorb nearly 100% of what we put on our skin and the "self care" items that we use everyday are actually filled with poisonous, harmful chemicals. What's the point of eating clean if we're still consuming all of these toxins? Our bodywash, moisturizer, deodorant and many other things we used daily were filled with things like formaldehyde, sodium sulfate, and toluene (a chemical strong enough to dissolve paint thinner). These items have no place on our bodies and are linked to many diseases including cancer, brain damage and infertility. Studies show that women use 12 toxic products on their bodies before even sitting down for breakfast - HORRIFYING. We discovered a lot of the mainstream items claiming to be "all natural" had ingredients we couldn't even pronounce. This prompted us to start making our own toxin-free products so that we knew exactly what was going on our bodies. It was then that we decided to share our passion for advocating safe and toxin-free self care. That's how Osprey Village Soap Company was born. We create high-quality handcrafted skin care items that are completely toxin & chemical free. Everything that we make is not only safe, but good for you. Our products are natural and healthy with no harmful fillers. We are thrilled to share our passion with you and can't wait to get you started on your toxin-free journey too!

- Rob & Leah